Healthy Lifestyle

Our goal is to demystify and demonstrate how mainstream it is to bring CBD into your daily routine.

Our Thoughts

  • The public needs easy to access information to help demystify hemp-based CBD.
  • With knowledge comes great decisions, we want to facilitate informed decisions on how hemp-based CBD products will address specific needs.
  • We want to support an organically aware and environmentally conscious product. Your product won’t be placed inside wasteful retail box packaging which is shrink-wrapped. Our shipping boxes come from recycled materials, we use popcorn as a filler. Why Popcorn? Due to its ability to be eaten by you native wildlife when tossed into your yard or quickly degrade into soil adding back valuable nutrients (e.g. trace amounts of the B vitamins thiamin, niacin, B6 and folate, and the minerals magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and iron) into your garden soil!